Energy Efficient Continuous Frying System

The Energy Efficient Fryer type SFE 1600 / 600 was developed to be used in large kitchens, but butchers and delicacies factories. This frying system has a new type of electric heating system. This fryer has around 35% less frying oil consumption compared to standard continuous fryers. This is combined with a new kind of process control which reduces significant the thermal overloading of the frying oil. Get in touch with us.

  • Manufacturer Schomaker
  • Extensive product knowledge
  • Efficient machines
  • Customer specific production

Range of application:

  • Example of type SFE 1600 / 600:
  • 150 - 180 kg / h browning or cooking
  • That is around 1500 meat balls or 1000 breaded veals per hour
  • System also useable as water cooking system

Basic equipment:

  • Completely made out of stainless steel
  • Belt width 600 mm
  • More belt width on request
  • Low-maintenance through robust design
  • Independent or in-line production
  • Isolated frying oil pan
  • Continuous conveyor system with wire belt
  • Stainless steel control box by Rittal, IP 66
  • Hygienic design and easy to clean
  • Lifting unit for hood and conveyor by hand 
  • Adjustable height for in feed and out feed opening of the hood

Fundamental safety precautions:

  • Minimum oil level guard
  • Safety temperature control
  • Fire exhausting system


  • Top conveyor belt
  • Belts with sprockets
  • Different belts
  • Teflon in feed conveyor belt
  • Electrical lifting system
  • Sediment removal system
  • Mobile sediment box
  • Isolated hood
  • More on request