BILWINCO Multihead Weigher type Revolution

  • Higher productivity through the new Linear Drive Vibration Technology
  • Weighing of difficult products like long cooked spaghetti or sticky hering filet
  • Mobile weighing systems
The new BILWINCO Revolution Series at a glace:
  • Less giveaway – Direct weighing ensures 20-30% less giveaway compared to traditional weighers
  • Higher constant throughput of difficult products with Linear Drive vibration, keeping productivity high and product quality unmatched
  • Lowest Cost Of Ownership(COO) on the market
  • The new Linear Drive Vibration Technology is able to handle every product carful and efficient to the weighing heads. This innovation is especially for wet, sticky, fat, greasy and fragile products significant.
  • A few good examples are: long cooked spaghetti, sticky hering filet, marinated products like fresh gyro, chicken liver, etc.
  • Please have a look at the actual videos of this technology with different products
  • You are welcome to ask us for production tests with your products
  • The mobile weighing and packaging units of BILWINCO are the perfect solution for flexible weighing and packaging processes
  • The Multihead Weigher and the supply system are movable between the process lines
  • The complete weighing and packaging is optimized
  • Change-over to another product is easy and quickly, making the system ideal for small production batches